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Black Belt Gradings

What a fantastic week it’s been at the academy. Assessments started for kick boxing gradings and the standards we are looking at have been outstanding – a special mention to some of the juniors who are showing great potential.

The classes were all busy and energetic. The kids in karate did groundwork for the first time and they loved it. They listened really well and showed great control so we can’t wait to progress thisin the future.

Mrs Walker held her Sai Sunday soecial which was fully booked – the kids had a great time learning how to hold and use the Sai.

It’s been Black Belt gradings this weekend. Kickboxing on Saturday saw Sam Thompson get his 1st Dan black belt and Richard Burton and Kayleigh Durham 2nd Dan.

Today was karate and Luke Whitfield got 1st Dan cadet, Sean Davies, Vicky McLoughlin and Mark McLoughlin 3rd Dan and Angela Farmer the academy’s first ever student to achieve 4th Dan.

Absolutely amazing effort, knowledge and never say die attitude from all – well done.

Next week we’re carrying on our kick boxing assessments and starting on karate.

The academy is closed on Saturday 30th March for refurbishment to improve your overall training experience, so please make up your lessons another day if possibke.

Thats all for now – enjoy your weekend


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 Chuldow Martial Arts - Knottingley

6a The arcade
Hill top
West Yorkshire
WF11 8EA

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