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Posted by chuldowknottingley on 9th June 2019

To persevere is one of our 6 principles. Children and adults will go through periods when their motivation slips for training.  As adults it is up to ourselves to keep pushing through.  If you push through these periods you will come out the other side.  The way to get through is to think about the […]

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Dieting vs healthy lifestyle

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 2nd June 2019

Everyone is different, maintaining or achieving your ideal weight is easier for some than others. Some people are naturally leaner than others. However just because someone is “thin” it does not mean they are healthy. As it also in reverse does not mean that if you have a heavier build, it does not mean you […]

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Dealing with the pressure of exams

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 26th May 2019

GSCE’s are in full flow and the kids are about half way through now.  Add onto this those doing A levels and SAT’s and this leads to many of our young children being under immense pressure this month. When I was growing up, of course exams were important however, there wasn’t all this pressure from […]

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Black Belt gradings

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 19th May 2019

This weekend was Black Belt grading weekend at Wakefield HQ. Knottingley didn’t have any kick boxing Black Belts this time around, but Sunday saw Jessica Henshaw going for her cadet 1st Dan Black Belt. Jessica is 13 and has been training at the academy for 4 years now. At this age, not having any other […]

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Mini Tournament!!!!

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 14th May 2019

It was our mini tournament for region 2 last Saturday afternoon and WOW what a fantastic one it was. First off was Junior Kata and creative Kata. From as young as 4 up to 12.  What a great standard it was.  The children had all picked up the etiquette really well (which is not easy […]

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Why exercise is good for you

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 6th May 2019

So, we’re all adults and know that exercise is good for you.  It’s hard to not know this unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last 20 years. It’s all over the internet and TV, telling us to get in 10,000 steps a day or, exercise for 30 minutes a day, and anytime […]

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Mini Tournament

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 1st May 2019

The Mini Tournament is being held on Saturday the 11th May from 3pm.   There will be sections for Kata (all age groups) creative kata (juniors), point stop sparring (all ages), drills (all age groups), continuous sparring (all age groups) and grappling (adults). The more students who enter, the better the tournament will be.  It’s […]

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Rest days

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 22nd April 2019

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love to train. Exercise is very addictive to me, and I would happily train a few times a day… so it’s very easy to overtrain. Everyone knows little exercise is good for you, but not everyone thinks about exercising too much!!!! Too much exercise can lead to fatigue, […]

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Karate Gradings

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 16th April 2019

After a fantastic standard of kick boxing gradings last weekend, it was the turn of our karate students on Sunday. A really full on grading day starting at 9am and finishing at 6.30 pm!!! First off were the 4-7 white belts only.  A first grading for many.  For this age group they were so well […]

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Kick boxing gradings

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 9th April 2019

All I can say is WOW!!!! Kick Boxing gradings were held last Sunday. The first white belt only junior grading at 10am started off the day. First ever gradings for many and there were some nerves – but they all worked so hard for such a young age. Next up, low grade juniors. There is […]

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