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Family Training

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 21st January 2020

Have you ever tried to find an activity that all your family can do together? There are some out there but it’s not easy to find one that everyone enjoys or, that everyone can do at their own pace. If you do an activity together, as an adult you usually drop down to the level […]

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New Year, New You

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 12th January 2020

Happy New Year!!!!!! Welcome to the first blog of the decade, hope you all had a great break and have enjoyed your first lessons back this week. Have you all made New Year resolutions? Or, decided to loose weight, get fitter, be healthier? Most people do….. most people fail. To me, everything is about balance […]

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Last gradings of 2019

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 18th December 2019

Wow – can’t believe another year has almost gone, but what a great one it has been!!!! Last weekend saw our final gradings of 2019 with a nice busy alternate kickboxing on Saturday and then our karate gradings on Sunday. Sundays gradings were a really good standard. A nice busy 4-7 white belt grading started […]

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Posted by chuldowknottingley on 10th December 2019

Last weekend we had our alternate karate gradings on Saturday and Kick boxing gradings on Sunday. The alternate karate gradings were really good. Everyone focused and worked hard. Fantastic gradings considering the length of time (1 hour) with age ranges from 4 to adult. Kick boxing gradings were a really good standard overall. The first […]

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Fat burning

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 1st December 2019

Martial Arts provide a great all over body workout. Our lessons regularly include fitness work, syllabus work when completed at high intensity will work you hard (katas when done with full power and effort are hard work which a lot of people don’t understand) and special fitness boot  camps that we run will give you […]

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Kickboxing black belt graduations

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 24th November 2019

Yesterday saw 6 students successful complete their gradings to 1st Dan (& 1st dan cadet). Firstly, congratulations to Neil Harrison, Dean Wilcox, Matt Lambeth, Victoria Peckover, William Haigh and Harry Senior. It was wonderful to see so many achieving their goals after training hard for so many years, as well as putting in extra over […]

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Mini Tournament

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 17th November 2019

Just one word WOW What an amazing tournament today at Chuldow Knottingley region 2. So many fantastic students stepping onto the mats to do kata, creative kata, drills, point stop and continuous sparring. From 4 year olds to 63 year olds. If you’ve not competed, it’s hard to understand how hard it is to do […]

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Posted by chuldowknottingley on 11th November 2019

Bullying is so terrible at any age.   I’m sure at some stage in everyone’s lives we have all been bullied to some extent or another. At a minimal level being bullied makes us feel upset, sad, alone, angry, at it’s highest extent it can make people feel isolated and cause serious mental health problems […]

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Comfort Zone

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 4th November 2019

We all have one!!! Our comfort zone, where we find things easy, know what we are doing really well, so that we are in a zone that is secure and comfortable all the time and you get into a routine that minimises stress and risk. Many of us think of the “comfort zone” as a […]

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Self Defence

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 30th October 2019

 Hi everyone Think of all the martial arts styles that you know, and then think about which one would provide the best form of self defence? This is a tough one,  you have kickboxing and karate that you will know from the academy, but there are loads more…. Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Kung fu, jujitsu, […]

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