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Key Benefits of Sleep

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 11th February 2019

Anyone who knows me well will know that I don’t sleep well.  No issues with insomnia, I fall asleep pretty easily BUT, I wake up usually around 4am and then struggle most nights to get back to sleep. Most of us know that a good nights sleep makes a huge difference to how we feel […]

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Posted by chuldowknottingley on 4th February 2019

So, the $1m question…… how to you maintain motivation over a long period of time? It’s really hard isn’t it to keep focus over a long period of time.  EVERYONE goes through a dip in motivation, EVERYONE has those times when it’s really hard to go training.  You’re tired, stressed, had a hard day, family […]

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Goal setting / gradings.

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 28th January 2019

Previously on our blog we’ve talked about goal setting, whether it be martial arts based or any other aspect of your life, it’s really important that you set yourself goals. Goals give you a target to aim towards and help keep the momentum of what you are trying to achieve on track. It’s so easy […]

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NY resolutions

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 20th January 2019

So, we’re over half way through January already and I was wondering hoany people have already broken their New Year resolutions 20 days into them. This is the reason why I don’t make them. People feel they should commit to making a positive change for the start of a new year and of course there […]

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2019!!!! Exciting times ahead

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 13th January 2019

Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope you all had a fantastic chrismas and New Year break with your famalies. 2019 is now in full swing at the academy with our first full week complete, and what a week it was. All classes were nice and busy with fantastic atmospheres, it’s great to see so many […]

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Grading Weekend

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 9th December 2018

WOW!!!!!! What a fantastic weekend of gradings kickboxing and karate from all age groups. Saturday saw our kickboxers starting with juniors, many of who were grading for the first time. It’s great to see youngsters working hard and showing off their skills – they worked really hard and it was a really good grading to […]

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Japanese terminology – body parts

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 2nd December 2018

A post this week for our karate students – during your Black Belt grading you’re likely to be asked quite a lot of terminology. Part of this may include body parts i.e where are you striking to in a specific technique, or what are you striking with. These are just a few of the most […]

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Why martial arts?

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 25th November 2018

If you’re reading this then it’s fair to assume you’re into some form of martial arts and hopefully a current or potential student at Chuldow Knottingley!!! If you train or, have ever trained, have you stopped recently to think about:- why you started? What did you want to achieve? Are you close to or surpassed […]

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Black Belt Gradings

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 18th November 2018

Today saw the last Karate Black Belt gradings of 2018 and they didn’t disappoint. Knottingley had four juniors grading today and Mr and Mrs Walker said they all shone on the mats and worked so hard. So massive congratulations go to Finn & Sadie Hayman, Charlie Wagstaff and Stanley Coates. They have sll worked so […]

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How Martial Arts helps make kids bully proof

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 11th November 2018

There aren’t many things I truly hate in life but bullies / bullying is one of them. Bullying at any age is wrong. It’s not just kids who are bullied, there are workplace / family bullies as well. Whilst it is stressful, upsetting amd scary at any sge, it always seems worse when it is […]

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