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Family Training

Have you ever tried to find an activity that all your family can do together? There are some out there but it’s not easy to find one that everyone enjoys or, that everyone can do at their own pace.

If you do an activity together, as an adult you usually drop down to the level that your child is at and don’t get to push yourself to your own limits. Don’t get me wrong, going for a walk or a bike ride etc as a family is fantastic, but its not something that will push you.

Have you ever thought about kick boxing or karate for yourself? A large percentage of adults who train in martial arts started after their children started….. I certainly did. Sitting watching from the sidelines and thinking I’d enjoy that…. and I sure did once I started.

Here at Chuldow Knottingley we have a family offer on for all of January. It’s simple, book yourself in for a free trial lesson, and if you enjoy it (and I know you will) sign yourself up. £35 registration (including uniform, licence and insurance) and 50% off tuition for the first 6 months.

If you do karate, you’ll love the katas, bunkai, padwork, techniques and combinations. Learning some Japanese is also pretty cool!!!!

Kick Boxing you’ll love the high energy lessons, learning techniques and combinations that will push you physically and mentally through our kick boxing drills.

You’ll push yourself mentally and physically and learn new skills whatever style you choose and meet new friends along the way. Every lesson is so different and there are always new skills to learn or develop. We also do groundwork, sparring and so much more in both styles.

You’ll be able to help your children whilst also pushing your own limits. So give it a go in a free trial, you have nothing to loose!!!!!! It’s a great way to encourage all the family to be active and a fantastic way to bond. We so often get caught up in “life” that we can end up not spending much quality time together.

You can all set goals and work towards them and help and push each other, and then celebrate together when you achieve them. You can motivate each other when someone doesn’t feel like training (and believe me it will happen). It can also encourage healthy competition!!!!

This week at the academy we are trying out sparring in between lessons for the kids karate as a different way of getting more sparring in for them whilst still focusing on the core aspects of the syllabus. We have our Saturday special “Marvel Training Camp” this Saturday and January is unlimited training with a free raffle ticket each time you train.

Looking forward to seeing you all in lessons this week.

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 Chuldow Martial Arts - Knottingley

6a The arcade
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West Yorkshire
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