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Goal setting / gradings.

Previously on our blog we’ve talked about goal setting, whether it be martial arts based or any other aspect of your life, it’s really important that you set yourself goals.

Goals give you a target to aim towards and help keep the momentum of what you are trying to achieve on track.

It’s so easy to lose momentum, whether it be fitness, weight loss, new job.  You can start off with all good intentions, but without a goal in mind, the focus will wean.  After all, if you have no specific goal, what are you actually trying to achieve.

If you’ve read previous blogs we went through keeping a diary / journal.  At the front of it write down what your short term and long term goal is.  Short term could be weekly / monthly, longer term could be 1,2 years etc.

Write down each day what you have done to work towards your goal along with notes as to what positive changes you have seen, this will help you remember all your hard work and when that focus is falling, help you remember how far you’ve come and what you have achieved so far.

Don’t forget, you’ll need to continually change your short term goals, especially once you have achieved them and even, your long term goals.

One thing that can also help you successfully achieve your goals is setting yourself challenges every few months.  If we explain this in terms of fitness / weight loss it will be easier to follow.

Enter an event (tough mudder / park run etc), this will give you an aim to work towards with your training, and of course training helps weight loss as well.  We have the first gradings of 2019 coming up in February.  Some people don’t start out wanting to grade, they want to just train and get the fitness and weight loss (along with the social and self defence aspects), particularly in kick boxing.  However, I am a firm believer that gradings are a fantastic way of giving yourself a regular target to acheive.  That feeling of acheivement when you get your new belt can not be explained and, it also enables you to be taught more advanced techniques etc from our syllabus.

An example of goal setting for this would be – in two months I will achieve my red belt (short term), in three years I will achieve my black belt (long term).  A daily journal can note the new techniques you have learnt, how much fitter your’re feeling, how many press ups you can now do, weight loss each week etc.  The short term goal would then be changed to yellow belt, once you have gained your red belt.

If you would like any help with your goals, please do not hesitate to speak to Mr & Mrs Walker or, Mrs Lafferty at the academy and we will be more than happy to help.


Last week saw some great lessons again, kids karate had old and new kata, techniques (4-7), combinations (7-13) plus a fun game of Samarai Ninja to finish.  In kickboxing we worked on fitness and drills, adult karate fitness, new katas for lower grades with advanced dan katas and katas in reverse for black belts.

Mr and Mrs Walker put on a special session for white belts on Sunday Morning where they could bring in parents to show them what they do so they can help them at home.  This was a really fun session and everyone involved really enjoyed it.

Mr and Mrs Walker also started their visits to local schools with the first one completed on Friday 25th.  They are teaching anti-bullying, self defence and all sorts of other fun things in primary schools.  These are free full days they are setting up to help give something back to the local community.

Our Saturday special on 9th February is Nerf Wars, which was fully booked within 48 hours!!!!!!

Lots of exciting lessons planned for this week.  Look forward to seeing you all in training or, if you don’t train with us, why not contact to try out a free taster session for yourself or your child, you have nothing to lose!!

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