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Simon Walker

With over 30 years of experience, Mr Walker has certainly been around the block! Trained to the rank of 3rd dan in the styles of Karate & Kickboxing with 2nd dans also in several disciplines of Okinawan weaponry, he is expanding his knowledge now into Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. Mr Walker has a passion for sparring & has competed at several levels. With this all round knowledge Mr Walker certainly has the knowledge & experience to help & guide others in all aspects of the Martial Arts

Fully qualified, DBS checked & insured

Christine Walker

With over 10 years of experience, Mrs Walker is trained to the rank of 3rd dan in the styles of Karate & Kickboxing alongside several disciplines of Okinawan weaponry she is also expanding her knowledge into Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. Mrs Walker has a passion for the Kata side of Karate & is an amazing child developer affectionately dubbed "the child whisperer" by Mr Walker, Mrs Walker has a way to help guide children like no-one else!

Fully qualified, DBS checked & insured

Wayne Brear

Mr Brear Has run our Castleford satelite Academy for the last 6 years , with several years of experience training in Tae Kwon do as a child and Muay Thai in his 20's, now karate and kickboxing with Chuldow for the last 9 years. Mr Brear Has 2nd dan Black belts in both Karate and Kickboxing & a blackbelt in Okinawan Weaponry. He loves all aspects of martial arts with a kean interest in street defence and take downs. He also enjoys sparring, kata and grappling winning many trophies over the years at the chuldow championships. Nothing pleases Mr Brear more than witnessing students striving to be the best they can in all aspects of life through martial arts training.

Fully qualified, DBS checked & insured

Ben Reucroft

Mr Reucroft has always had a keen interest in sports and exercise, since starting his martial arts journey at the age of 10. Now after 7 years of training he has earned the rank of 2nd Dan in Karate and 1st Dan in Kickboxing. Not only that, he also has an interest in Nunchaku grading to a 1st Dan also. He enjoys partnering up and doing pad work, and still has a strong drive to succeed and progress as a martial artist.

Fully qualified, DBS checked & insured

Mark McLoughlin

With over six years in martial arts Mr McLoughlin has always been interested in sports and fitness.

Having 2nd Dan in Karate and 2nd Dan in Kickboxing and 1st Dan in Sai Weaponry.

After seeing his son Adam taking part in Karate classes and seeing the enjoyment both him and the other students get from taking part he knew that he needed to be involved in the Knottingley Chuldow Academy, Becoming a student himself & then joining the Certified Instructor Training program to be able to both train and teach the students and take a more involved role.

Mr McLoughlin always aims for the students to have fun and learn at the same time but keeping discipline.

Fully qualified, DBS checked & insured

Paul Sayer

Mr Sayer has 4 years in Chuldow and gained black belts in both Kickboxing and Karate. He also has various belts in Weaponary - Sai, Jo Jutsu and Nunchaku.

Having joined Chuldow with his family, he decided quickly he would like to become an instructor to help pass on the skills and learning to others undergoing the same journey.

Somewhat competative (!), Mr Sayer enjoys representing Knottingley at Chuldow tournaments and currently holds the Belts for both Black Belt Karate and Kickboxing titles.

Fully qualified, DBS checked & insured

Gareth Durham

Mr Durham has always been interested in fitness and challenges so starting the martial arts made lots of sense.

Over 3 years experience, with first dans Kickboxing and karate.

He has completed in numerous Chuldow championships and fight nights and successfully won every karate point stop category he entered.

Younger and better looking than most instructors he always puts a fun element to teaching in the martial arts.

Fully qualified, DBS checked & insured

Kayleigh Durham

Mrs Durham has always done some form of fitness and enjoyed it but it has never come easily to her and never done it consistently however since starting Chuldow this changed!

Over 3 years experience with first dans in karate and kickboxing. Mrs Durham also has started her journey into Okinawan weaponry.

She has competed in various competitions within Chuldow in all disciplines however Kata is her passion and therefore holds many fist place trophies for this.

She loves teaching the children and her caring nature helps them reach their potential.

Mrs Durham is married to the self proclaimed "younger, better looking instructor"

Fully qualified, DBS checked & insured

Janine Lafferty

Mrs Lafferty has 7 years of experience in a number of styles including Kick Boxing, Karate & Muay Thai
She has graded to 2nd Dan in Kick Boxing, 1st Dan in Karate and also has grades in Nunchuku weaponry
Mrs Lafferty really enjoys the fitness aspect of Kick Boxing and likes to push herself & motivate others to excel in this area.
She also likes to step out of her comfort zone on a regular basis to compete in tournaments to represent Knottingley academy in Kata, points stop and continuous sparring, which includes 4 fight night finals to date.
Mrs Lafferty is fully qualified, DBS checked and insured.

Ben Kilsby

Mr Kilsby is a 1st Dan black belt in both Karate and kickboxing, he is determined to continually develop his skills and abilities within the martial arts.

He really gets a kick out of sparring in both kickboxing and Karate, he also enjoys taking part in grappling.

Having trained with Chuldow for over 3 years he has entered multiple Chuldow lead tournaments and fight night events competing in both Point Stop Karate and Continuous Kickboxing.

Fully qualified & insured

Mark Meiningen

Mr Meiningen started karate with his family and has now been training as a family for nearly 7 years. In the 7 years he has progressed to Black belt in both Karate and Kick boxing.
After obtaining his black belt he decided that he wanted to teach karate so he joined the CIT programme. " I wanted to give back to the karate club all that I had learnt." he graduated from CIT 2 years ago and & has since been teaching juniors and Adults karate and Kick boxing.

Fully qualified, DBS checked & insured

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