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Key Benefits of Sleep

Anyone who knows me well will know that I don’t sleep well.  No issues with insomnia, I fall asleep pretty easily BUT, I wake up usually around 4am and then struggle most nights to get back to sleep.

Most of us know that a good nights sleep makes a huge difference to how we feel the next day in terms of general tiredness, but you may not realise how important it is to so many other aspects of your life.

Not sleeping enough (enough considered to be less than 7 hours per night), can reduce or even totally undo your hard work on dieting.  You know that a lack of sleep makes you tired and lethargic, and it does the same to your fat cells. It slows down your metabolism and makes your body less effective at breaking down fatty tissue.  Statistics show that people who regularly sleep less than 6 hours a night are 30% more likely to become obese than those who sleep for between 7 and 9 hours.

Sleeping better also helps you eat healthier.  If you’re tired, your body craves high calorie food (I know mine does!!!) and you’re more likely to give into temptation.

You’re general appearance also suffers.  The old saying of getting your beauty sleep is true!!!  Collegen proteins are lowered with a lack of sleep which can lead to more wrinkles!!!

Everyone is different.  Some adults can function perfectly on 6 hours sleep, whilst some need 10 hours to feel fully rested.  So don’t panic if you have less but feel you need more.

We’ve all been there in relation to exercise too.  When we feel tired, it’s so much harder to find that motivation to train / exercise.  Whilst we all know we’ll feel better if we do exercise, it can become a vicious circle for reducing exercise and therefore not feeling the benefits of same and just becoming more and more tired.

Key benefits to a good nights sleep.

  1.  Being more alert and energised – waking up rested will lead to increased energy levels and concentration.
  2.  Less stress – Being well rested generally leads to less cortisol and adrenaline being released, therefore helping us handle difficult situations more effectively.
  3. Weight loss and rest – getting a good nights sleep balances out your hormones, therefore aiding a good metabolism and reduces junk food cravings.
  4. Happiness – a good nights sleep balances out hormones as detailed above.  This makes us less stressed, more relaxed, helps to maintain healthy eating and exercise more regularly.  All these will make it so much easier to feel happier in our day to day lives.

Whilst some suffer from insomnia, which may / will require medical advice and assistance, in general we can help ourselves get a better nights sleep by not watching TV just before bed, turning off mobile phones / devices a good hour before bed and forgetting about them until the next day, read a few pages of a book to take your mind off your day to day life, don’t eat too close to bedtime and definatly don’t eat junk food / have caffeinated drinks or energy drinks.

The above should help you fall asleep easier.  Why we wake up through the night is a little trickier, but I’ll do some research to see if I can post more about this next week.

Last week at the academy saw some great, high energy kids karate lessons with adult karate having a great mix of techniques / terminology / kata and knife defences.  kickboxing was a great kicking session, with some great drills to take home to aid kicking / stretching and junior KB worked on techniques and then blocking / defending.

We also had week 5 of our Tuesday and Thursday fitness bootcamps and nerf wars for juniors on Saturday afternoon.

This week is grading assessment week in all lessons, gradings start this weekend with karate alternates on Saturday 16th and kickboxing on Sunday 17ths.

We’ll update next week on how gradings went, especially as this is the first time a full grading day will be seen for kickboxing with a split of juniors out from adults.



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