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Kick Boxing Gradings.

This weekend saw our first ever Sunday kick boxing graduations, with gradings split out by junior low and high grade, adult white belt, low grade and high grade.

This split was due to the growing number of kick boxers at the academy with grading becoming very busy.

I have to say that the new full day of gradings was a great success.  It allowed juniors to grade separately from adults and for sufficient space to enable kick boxers to really show their techniques and combinations to there full potential.

It also enabled the assessors to walk around and view all the grading students to assess on a more focused basis.

Junior low belts started off the day on Sunday and they did a fantastic job.  From as young as 5 up to 13 they all worked really hard.  Next up were our junior high grades.  This was a quieter grading than they would be used to and there really was nowhere to hide!!!!

They worked so hard and have so much to remember.  it’s great to see youngsters working hard and enjoying their martial arts journey so much.  A fantastic job all round and the red faces at the end showed how hard they had worked.

Next up were the adults with our first ever white belt only grading.  It was a really good way of splitting up the gradings.  Your first grading is always the hardest as  you don’t know what to expect and the nerves really kick in.  This is a great way to complete your first grading when everyone on the mats is in the same position as you.  They all did a great job.

Next up were adult low grades.  There were some lovely techniques on show here.  I think everyone agreed it was a fab grading, but a hard one too with more room to throw in those all important exercises to push people as hard as possible.

Finally our high grades.  This was a tough one with quite a few people heading towards those final gradings before black belt, and this is why it’s so important to start pushing yourselves now to increase those fitness levels.  Everyone was shattered afterwards which is how you should be….. feeling you’ve really earned that next belt is a fantastic feeling and makes it all the more worthwhile and mean so much more.


On Saturday we had our alternative karate gradings.  A great standard from all there – with special mention to one of our juniors Ari Kumar blue green going for purple belt.  He was the highest grade there and did a fantastic job, even doing his blue belt combination and kushanku kata in front of everyone…… what great confidence and skill.


Our focus this week is on grading preparation for our karate students with gradings on Sunday 24th February and alternates for kick boxing on Saturday 23rd.  A full update on karate gradings will be given next week.


Keep up the great work everyone.

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