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Last gradings of 2019

Wow – can’t believe another year has almost gone, but what a great one it has been!!!!

Last weekend saw our final gradings of 2019 with a nice busy alternate kickboxing on Saturday and then our karate gradings on Sunday.

Sundays gradings were a really good standard. A nice busy 4-7 white belt grading started us off first thing. They were so well behaved and tried really hard!!!!!

4-7 red belts next was a little quieter but great to see them continuing to progress.

7-13 white belts next with many getting their red belts to move onto a new kata!!!

7-13 red & yellow next was a really busy one. All showed good standard and focus throughout.

7-13 orange belt saw a number of students graduate to green belt….higher grades now and Japanese  terminology to look forward to!!!

7-13 green was nice snd busy also. It’s a really hard stage for kids especially and it’s great to see them continue their journey with a number graduating to blue belt.

7-13 blue and up was busy. Good knowledge shown but a few things were picked up during gradings for them to work on (foot positioning on kicks)

Adults next. A quieter grading after the busy kids gradings but a lot of hard work from lower and higher grades with one junior obtaining pre dan.

Well done everyone- especially with all the illnesses that have been going around which reduced some students training up to gradings. We can’t wait to see you all continue your martial arts journey through tge next decade.

This is our final week of training so it’s a fun week with xmas jumpers & t-shirts on show. Take downs in karate and great kick boxing combination pad work.
Last training day is Friday 20th December and we re-open on 6th January. Xmas kids disco this Saturday at Knottingley and awards evening on Saturday at Wakefield HQ where our Student Of The Year award is given out.

Last week of our fitness bootcamp with fitness test repeat is on Thursday and a 10 minute max HIIT will be done live throughout the break to keep you all entertained!!!!


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 Chuldow Martial Arts - Knottingley

6a The arcade
Hill top
West Yorkshire
WF11 8EA

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