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So, the $1m question…… how to you maintain motivation over a long period of time?

It’s really hard isn’t it to keep focus over a long period of time.  EVERYONE goes through a dip in motivation, EVERYONE has those times when it’s really hard to go training.  You’re tired, stressed, had a hard day, family doesn’t see you enough.  That’s when it becomes really easy to miss training and promise yourself you’ll go next week.  And then next week comes and you’re feeling the same and the next thing you know you’ve had a month off, and then it becomes even harder to get back into it.  I’ve definitely lost motivation at times, but that’s bound to happen when you train for 10+ years.

There is no 100% magic answer, everyone is different and there are lots of different reasons for why you started training in the first place.  When your motivation drops, you have to think back and remember why you started in the first place.  Whatever the reason (fitness, weight loss, toning, self defence, socialising), think of the place you were in when you started and where you are now.

Have you reached your goals?  Are you fitter than ever before?  Have you lost that stone in weight? are you now a black belt?  Whether you have or haven’t, the main answer is the same, if you quit now, you’ll never maintain or improve on where you are.  That toning and fitness will go and it will be easier to put the weight back on.  Force yourself to come training even when you don’t feel like it.  The motivation WILL come back and you’ll feel much better after training.  We all know how good it is for relieving stress!!!

You should also look at re-setting your goals if you’ve achieved them, otherwise your motivation will definitely drop when you have nothing specific to aim for.  Re-set that fitness and weight target (even if its just to maintain your current position), and if you’ve reached Black Belt, don’t forget that in martial arts that is just the start of the journey.  There is so much more to learn and advance dans to aim for.  Have you thought about teaching? sparring? competing?  It’ll add another dimension to your training and aid ongoing motivation. It’s what you do during these low motivation periods that will define who you are and what you can achieve in your martial arts journey.

Last week at the academy saw us start assessments for Kickboxing, kids karate had great energy in every lesson, adult karate was a fitness circuit with Kata, and we had week 4 of our fitness boot camps.

This week sees karate assessments start, kickboxing ongoing, week 5 of our fitness boot camps and our Saturday Special, Nerf Wars… which was fully booked in 2 days.

Keep up the hard work and we look forward to seeing you in lessons.

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 Chuldow Martial Arts - Knottingley

6a The arcade
Hill top
West Yorkshire
WF11 8EA

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