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NY resolutions

So, we’re over half way through January already and I was wondering hoany people have already broken their New Year resolutions 20 days into them.

This is the reason why I don’t make them. People feel they should commit to making a positive change for the start of a new year and of course there is nothing at all wrong with that. However, just making it at this time because you feel you should isn’t the right reason.

If you want to lose weight, get fitter, stop smoking, ear healthier etc, that’s fantastic… but you really have to want to, rather than feel you need to.

Also, don’t plan to go mad straight away. If you go to the gym or for a run everyday from 1st January, are you really going to keep that up? Eating healthier, if you cut out everything you really like and just have salads, are you going to stick to that for the rest of your life?

The answer to the two examples above is no…. so dont do it this way.

Whenever you want to change your lifestyle / outlook in life, whatever it is you want to achieve, make a realistic  plan. A few suggestions would be:-

Get fitter: If you already do something weekly that you love, increase that. If you train once a week, increase that to twice. Then every other day add in some work at home so it’s free…. a 10 minute h.i.i.t workout / core work etc.

If you do very little, find a group activity you enjoy. A class will  help you keep going (in my personal experience) you’ll make friends and look forward to seeing them – a great way to stay motivated – dont try and go from 0% to 100% too quickly or you’ll risk injury and be back to square one!!!

Weight loss.

Dont alwsys focus on the scales. If you reduce portions and eat a little more heathily, combined with exercise you’ll lose body fat BUT you will get toa point where you will stop losing weight and maybe even gain a little as you start to tone up. Focus on body shape and not just the scales.

Take it steady, enjoy a little of the foods you love, chocolate / pizza /wine etc are all fine to have in moderation – it’s about finding that balance. If you treat yourself sometimes thats fine, you wont feel deprived and will be more likely to stick to healthier eating overall which will see much better longer term benefits.

Just a few suggestions that I hope will help a little. If you enjoy what you’re doing you will stick to it. Nothing is ever easy, but keep going, keep changing your goals when you reach one, give yourself a short term target to keep the focus!!!!

At the academy this week we’ve worked hard but had great fun in lessons. The kids have been working on kata in karate and combinations in kickboxing – with takedowns and throws to finish – they even got to takedown instructors which they loved!!!!

Adults were sparring in all classes with some great work on techniques/terminology in karate and some great different combinations in kickboxing.

Second week on the 6 week fitness bootcamps took place on Tuesday and Thursday & everyone worked so hard but had good fun at the same time.

Saturday saw our Marvel Training Camp – how much fun the kids had on this one!!!!! I’m sure we’ll be putting on another one soon.

Coming up, week 3 of fitness boot camp, referral scheme, black belt gradings. Dont forget unlimited tuition all of January – get yourself / your child into as many lessons as possible to build up that fitness / work on grading requirements for February gradings.

Next Saturday special is Nerf Wars on 9th February.

Keep watching for upcoming events

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 Chuldow Martial Arts - Knottingley

6a The arcade
Hill top
West Yorkshire
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