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Personal challenge

In last nights live Q & A Mr Walker talked about accountability and challenging ourselves every day to be better.

He started it off by confirming his challenge is to read one book a month – some audio books, martial arts based / self development based etc, and he put the challenge out for others to join in.

It was great to see so nany students commenting on the video and wanting to join in. It’s so easy to stay still and not progress or, be unhappy with something in iurselves but not do anything to change what we’re unhappy  / dissatisfied about.

My challenge for myself is my low self esteem. I find it really hard to be positive about what I do – personally and professionally. I always feel I’ve not done as well as I could have / others do a better job etc which leads to quite a bit of internal negativity. Some of this is high standards and knowing I can improve from where I am, which is certainly not a bad thing, but some if it is just knocking myself for no reason.

I personally think mental challenges are far more difficult to overcome than many physical challenges (not that physical challenges are easy) as a lot of it is inaccurate/perception based and you have to try and turn your “natural” tendencies around.

So everyday this week I’m going to be doing something to look to change this, positive mental attitude reading, some coursework, asking for feedback on teaching etc to turn this around.

After all, wouldn’t it be so much better to get rid of these negative thoughts!!! Be more positive and confident about what I’m doing & focus on developing in the “ real” areas thst I need.

So join in. I’m sure all of us have something we want to work on / improve. Whats yours and what are you going to do to change it!!!!

Coming up at the academy this week:

– comic relief week all week – wear something red and donate £1

– Action hero saturday special on 16th March

– sone fab lessons for everyone

– academy is closed 30th March for a refurb

– easter egg raffle – refer a friend to win tickets

Have a great week everyone

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 Chuldow Martial Arts - Knottingley

6a The arcade
Hill top
West Yorkshire
WF11 8EA

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