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Self Defence

 Hi everyone

Think of all the martial arts styles that you know, and then think about which one would provide the best form of self defence?

This is a tough one,  you have kickboxing and karate that you will know from the academy, but there are loads more…. Muay Thai, Krav Maga, Kung fu, jujitsu, aikido, judo to name just a few.

No matter what your background is, nowadays, it is important to be safe and know how to defend yourself. Although when looking at self defence, this is very different to self defence. Depending what you do, you are potentially more likely to need self defence (unprovoked attack) than street fighting skills (although this can of course also arise from an unprovoked incident). Self defence is very important for both men and women in the current world that we live in.

You don’t need to take one of these martial arts your whole life to be successful and capable of defending yourself, any knowledge is better than no knowledge!!!!

Krav Maga – 


There’s a simple yet really good reason that this official self-defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is dubbed as ‘The Art of Staying Alive’ – it works.  Though it may appear complex, its techniques are designed to be simple and easily executed. Hence, its moves are generally based on instinct/ reflex making it much easier for the practitioner to learn and put to use during an attack. For this reason, practically anyone regardless of size, strength or level of fitness can take it up.


Translated as ‘empty hand’ in English, Karate is a predominantly striking art that makes use of punching, kicking, knee & elbow strikes as well as open hand techniques such as palm-heel strikes and spear hands. It emphasizes using the practitioner’s hands and legs as main forms of defense, making it one of the most effective to use for self-defense.

Muay Thai / kickboxing

In terms of self-defense, This discipline emphasizes on teaching its practitioners how to effectively injure/ attack an opponent to make room for a quick getaway. Muay Thai moves are not restricted to uses of fists and feet as it also includes elbow and knee strikes that can devastate an adversary when executed.
In KickBoxing, you’ll learn to deliver a variety of kicks & punches from different ranges with precision as well as how to effectively block or evade an attack. Unlike many other combat disciplines, it also emphasizes body conditioning through sparring, preparing the body for combat.

However, the truth is every style has a benefit. Jujitsu is great for groundwork, which is where most attacks end, judo for throws during the initial grab etc.

Training any style, is great. Cross training in different styles is even better as you learn multiple skills. It’s about finding the right style for you, working out what you want to gain the most and then going and enjoying your training, getting yourself fit, meeting new people…. and in the event of you needing to protect yourself, learning skills that will help.

Coming up in the academy this week is Halloween (looking forward to seeing you in your costumes!!!), week one of the new 8 week bootcamp on Thursday, ladies night on Saturday

Anti bullying week & children in need week are coming up, black belt gradings, November referal special CIT Discovery Day on the 16th, mini Tournament on the 17th…. WOW. Lots on and that doesn’t include December!!!

Look forward to seeing you all in this week

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 Chuldow Martial Arts - Knottingley

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