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Street crime

It’s very sad and frightening to hear on the news this week that two more young people have lost their lives during knife attacks.

Any murder is horrendous  but when it is teenagers, what a terrible waste of life.

It’s good to hear that the government are taking action to seek to cut down on knife crime, but is there anything we can do as individuals or, as a local business?

First up in my opinion is to work out why carrying knives with young peopke has become so prevalent. Is it because it’s seen as cool? Or makes you look hard and tough?  Are they scared as others are carrying them and they are “arming” themselves against attack?

Whatever the reason we firstly need to educate them that it’s totally wrong, no matter the reason. That education MUST start at home. Parents/carers must talk to their children, ensure they understand right from wrong, being in a gang is not the way forward, teach them about respect. Do they know where their children ate at night? What they are up to? Give them a reasonable curfew (age appropriate) and make sure they stick to it.

Parents shoukd be backed up by schools / education systems. Enforce that knives /weapons result in death and the ruining of lives, the victim/victims families/their own futures!!!!! Do they truly understand what they are doing to their own futures by becoming involved in crime?

Next is law enforcement. I dont for one secomd want to make this politicsl, but we need more police out on the streets, both on foot and in cars. Break up the gangs / groups of youths, make people feel safe, get to know the local community/ youth and work with them to build relationships back up in the worst hit areas.

local communities- provide youth centres / sports  facilities. Ever since the age of 4 I’ve been involved in some form of sport. I truly believe sport keeps youngsters off the streets. Keep them active/ give them a hobby!! I’m not saying not to let them “play out” – of course we want them to be out having fun, I’m talking about hanging around the streets at night, being antisocial.

Martial Arts was great for my Son in this regard. It definitely keeps them active, teaches respect, anti-bullying, gives condidence to not follow the crowd.

We ALL need to play our part in halting this awful epidemic. Chuldow can play a big part in this by providing all that martial arts bring, but we can not do this alone. Lets bring together the community and work together to make our local area a better, safer place!!!!!!!

At the academy this week, sparring in kick boxing and great lessons planned again.

coming up, Easter raffle for referring a friend, red nose week next week (wear something red to training and donate £1) , kickboxing combat pack 1 on sale, boot camp  starts 21st March (now fully booked) Mrs Walkers Sai special on 24th March, Actuon Hero camp on 16th March

Have a great week


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 Chuldow Martial Arts - Knottingley

6a The arcade
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