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Summer Holidays

I’m back!!!!!! I’ve had a couple of weeks off posting due to holidays….. lovely break but really happy to be back and working again… not many people cam say that, I just love what I do!!!

The long summer school holidays are now upon us and we find that this is the time when most people end their martial arts journeys.

People go away on holiday and keep putting off coming back training, and before you  know  it you’re out of the habit of coming. This is especially true of children.

They’re having fun playing out and don’t want to stop for training, they’re tired after days out, tired with the heat etc and they moan and complain when you try and get them to get ready…..we’ve all been there.

However, as a parent it is our responsibility to make them train. They always enjoy it when they’re here, and we must remind ourselves why they started in the first place and how much they benefit from the skills/life skills they learn. We should never allow children to control what they want to do, think about what this teaches them. They can’t just quit/give up things throughout school/work/adult life. So teach them and help them understand why they need to carry on. Don’t  ask them what they want to do, tell them what they are going to do!!!

Adults, just come in and train, it’s as simple as that, the longer you have off, the more fitness you will loose and  the harder it will be.

Please make up any lessons you miss due to holidays, and we look forward to seeing you all.

Over the last  few weeks we’ve had parent/child week which everyone loved!!! Black Belt gradings with Nathan Smith getting  1st Dan Black Belt in kickboxing and  David O’Regan and Elliott Banks 2nd Dan in karate and Niamh Foley 1st Dan karate – all were fantastic and the academy are very proud.

Our family offer is on at the moment- ANY family member who books a free trial before end of July gets £25 registration and no tuition fee for August.

Fitness Circuits start 1st August for 5 weeks – £5 per session with flexibility just to do the ones you can make.

Summer Camp Tuesday and Wednesday this week and then 13/14th August.

Gradings are coming up in August also, so assessments have now started.

Leafletting day 15th August is almost full – free day for your kids to help deliver leaflets and get free pizza.

Thats all for now


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 Chuldow Martial Arts - Knottingley

6a The arcade
Hill top
West Yorkshire
WF11 8EA

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