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Testimonials – A selection from over the years!

Knottingley Chuldow really does live up the name it holds in the fact that it really is a family.

We have been attending the academy for over 18 months and in this time it has helped develop not only the confidence and strength of our 7 year old son but also that of my wife and I. If someone would have said that we would be within reaching distance of our black belts I would of laughed. But we are here, thanks to the outstanding teaching, support and encouragement from the whole academy.

A couple of months ago our family went through a very difficult time due to a car accident which involved our son. We have always taught our son to be confident in dealing with difficult situations and ensure he knew what to do. This coupled with the teachings from the academy to “have an indomitable spirit, self control and to persevere” he managed to speak to the relevant emergency services and not only give his name but also our details too, his granny and nanas names, our home address and postcode, both mobile numbers his granny’s address and all from memory and without any family with him. For over two hours he was alone with strangers and whilst there is a lot we can all do as parents there is an awful lot the academy has also done and continues to do to build strong, confident, young people.

We are immensely proud to be a part of the academy and what they have done for us as a family. So when we see the name “family Martial Arts Academy” it doesn’t just mean it’s for families but that it is a family!

Thank you,

Kris, Lisa and Luke Whitfield.


Our son joined Chuldow at the age of 6 and half…..In addition to confidence, he has also learnt a lot about discipline and respect.

Our son joined Chuldow at the age of 6 and half, he was so shy it took 4 sessions before he would step onto the mats in front of the parents who stayed to watch their children training! At school plays he never got to the stage, he used to come into the audience and sit on mum’s knee. Two years and one month after joining Chuldow he graded with a black belt, aged 8 and half. He has now the confidence to join in a school production in a fairly major role, which involves singing a solo! He has also sung solo in church and at karaoke in our hotel on holiday!

In addition to confidence, he has also learnt a lot about discipline and respect. The atmosphere at the Chuldow academy is very friendly and welcoming, and all of the instructors are very professional and patient, but firm with members.

Lynn Tupling


Being a part of Chuldow Martial Arts Knottingley is more than just going to exercise, lose weight, build confidence or learn a new skill. It’s a way of life.

When I joined Chuldow Knottingley 6 years ago, although I knew Mr and Mrs Walker on a personal level, I was so apprehensive about starting not only a martial arts club, but  also felt like I would be in competition with other students over who could “be the best”. I couldn’t have been more wrong!  The whole club were extremely welcoming and revelled in the fact that there were new students attending and were able to sympathise with how I felt. Chuldow became such a huge part of my life, so much so that I trained and taught three times a week, gained my 1st and 2nd Dan Black Belt in karate and also took up kickboxing, attended seminars and weapons courses – and the greatest achievement of my time at Chuldow – became a  Certified Instructor.

From the first time I stepped onto the mats, I never dreamt that I could achieve anything so fantastic and it’s all down to Mr and Mrs Walker in particular, as well as the wider team. Chuldow becomes part of your weekly routine, students become firm friends and the whole team at Chuldow Knottingley become your extended family without you even realising it.    It was only when I had to leave when I moved away that I realised just how much Mr and Mrs Walker had taught me – not just self defence techniques or how to teach a class of 4 year olds. They amount of confidence I built up over my time at Chuldow still astounds me to this day and I use all of the skills I learnt there on a daily basis.   Training at Chuldow makes you feel like anything is possible – it really, really is!

 Elizabeth Williams


I originally came to Chuldow for my son Logan. We booked him in for a two lesson free trial and we haven’t looked back since. He has been attending every week for over a year now and he enjoys it just as much as the first lesson.

Within the first month my wife and I also took up BOTH Karate and Kickboxing! I can honestly say it is one of the best things we have all done as a family as well as individually and we can not recommend it enough. The instructors are amazing and the welcoming environment from the other students is amazing.

Give it a go try your two free lessons and you wont look back!

Gareth Durham


The students at Knottingley academy are truly the best bunch of people you will ever meet. They work hard and train hard but are also very good friends.

My name is Helen and I have been with Chuldow Knottingley for the last 3 years after transferring from another Chuldow academy, where I had been for 2 years. My husband Chris, sons Jamie who is 8 and Ashley who is 5 also attend Chuldow Knottingley. As a family we have grown with our martial arts.

Chris and myself have achieved our Black Belt 1st Dan in Karate and Kick boxing and more recently Jamie who has also become a Black Belt. The students at Knottingley academy are truly the best bunch of people you will ever meet. They work hard and train hard but are also very good friends.

The academy itself is very professionally run by the chief instructors and Programme director Mr and Mrs Walker. They are both very knowledgeable in the martial arts and also very personable too. We really couldn’t wish for better instructors.

Mr and Mrs Walker have guided and helped grow the confidence of myself and Chris, and now we have almost finished our training to be fully certified instructors ourselves. As a family we couldn’t ask for a better Martial Arts Academy to belong to and we would highly recommend Knottingley to anyone.

The Harris Family

We joined Chuldow Knottingley in 2012 when we were looking for a family orientated martial arts Academy to replace our previous club.

From improvement in fitness, self defence, and all-round confidence within Martial Arts and beyond. Becoming a member of Chuldow Knottingley is the best thing we have ever done. Whatever it is you are looking to achieve through Martial Arts, we cannot recommend them highly enough. You will not be disappointed.

The Lafferty Family

Attending Chuldow has certainly given him more confidence in daily life, helped his concentration, especially at school and given him the ability to deal with his issues in a more positive way.

Harrison started Karate with Chuldow shortly after his 5th birthday. He had issues with concentration, temper and short term memory problems which affected daily life and his school work. At the age of 7 he was diagnosed with ADHD and 3 years later with Asperger’s’.

Harrison attended sessions regularly and finally graded to Cadet Black Belt at the age of 9. This was one of his greatest achievements and one of my proudest moments.  The very fact that he remembered all his Kata’s, techniques and combinations is pure testimony to how hard he had worked and the excellent nurturing and patience of Mr. & Mrs Walker and all the instructors.

He is part of the Leadership Programme which has given him an enormous amount of confidence and self-belief. He is happy to take the class for warm up and shows great maturity when helping younger students and new starters when asked. He is currently working towards his Cadet 2nd Dan which he will hopefully take in August this year.

Attending Chuldow has certainly given him more confidence in daily life, helped his concentration, especially at school and given him the ability to deal with his issues in a more positive way.

Dianne Lee


I am so impressed by how much my son has achieved since joining Chuldow Martial Arts Black Belt Academy in Knottingley. I am definitely able to say I would recommend it to others.

I have a seven year old who has learning difficulties and has always found school and socialising a struggle. I always knew Lewis was different from other children and that his progress was slow. When Lewis started nursery it became even more obvious. He is now 7 years old and has the cognitive brain age of a four year old and this affects his everyday life immensely. Lewis doesn’t look different so people do not realise that he has learning difficulties or see what obstacles he faces every day, from having conversations to playing a game in the play ground. Lewis finds even some of the simplest of tasks a challenge and needs help to understand information, learn skills and to cope independently.

Since joining Chuldow Martial Arts, myself and his school have noticed a big improvement in his concentration levels and the amount of information that his brain can now process at one time. For example, Lewis has been learning Kata (a collection of martial art techniques performed in sequence.) Sequences and vast information processing was one of the main areas that Lewis struggled with and could only understand information given to him broken down and simplified or shown visually step by step. The instructors at Chuldow Martial Arts were fantastic at looking at and finding the style of learning that suited Lewis best and have really boosted his confidence which has enabled him to achieve so much. They have taught him to have respect for himself and for others and just as they advertised in the slogan they have taught him to persevere and have indomitable spirit. I couldn’t be more proud. The teaching style they use is magical every student gets treated the same and every student advances because of the time and effort that everyone at the academy gives.

Lewis really enjoys coming to the academy and has made lots of new friends, he has come out of his shell and has fun. He has a lot of respect for the instructors and really looks up to them as role models. He has even said that when he grows up he wants to be a black belt like Mr Walker and to be honest; he now has the determination and the motivation to maybe one day achieve that goal. The things he has learnt and achieved since joining Chuldow is unbelievable and i now believe nothing is impossible. He really is like a different child, as soon as he walks through those academy doors he believes in himself and he tries so hard. With a mixture of his self belief, determination, hard work and all the other things he has been taught and of course the amazing skills of the instructors his achievements have been massive.

With various trophies and medals under his rapidly changing coloured belt Lewis is growing into a very positive, happy and strong minded young man and this has been a wonderful learning curve for me. I have realised that I do not need to molly coddle him as much as what i have and that his personality and his determination to succeed will get him through life just fine. I would like to say thank you to everyone who has helped my son become physically, mentally and emotionally a true fighter.

Miss Meeson

 Chuldow Martial Arts - Knottingley

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