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Posted by chuldowknottingley on 29th March 2020

Following our closure on Friday 20th March, myself and Mr and Mrs Walker have been working hard to provide online content and live contact to keep you training / active during this difficult time. It is more important than ever that we try and get some form of exercise each day.  It doesn’t matter what […]

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Covid-19 academy closure

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 23rd March 2020

Hi everyone. Not the usual blog post today. It is with great sadness that the academy is closed from Saturday 21st March until further notice.  We will re-open as soon as the Government confirm it is in order to do so. Mr and Mrs Walker kept the academy open for as long as possible with […]

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Black Belt Gradings

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 16th March 2020

This weekend we had our Black Belt Graduations. Saturday was the turn of our Kick Boxers.  We had Xander Delsaint (1st Dan Cadet) Stacey Stead and Katie Waddington looking to graduate.  It was a hard graduation with lots of bag blasting, combinations, techniques, drills and exercise.  They all did an amazing job and fully deserved […]

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Posted by chuldowknottingley on 8th March 2020

Do you really struggle with aching or even walking after a workout? If so you’re probably suffering from DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) – this post will help you can try and prevent it. Sometimes the aches are so bad that the thought of exercising again makes you feel ill!!!! and you feel like it’s […]

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Karate gradings

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 3rd March 2020

This weekend saw our second weekend of gradings with kick boxing alternates on Saturday. An hours hard grading with great effort and energy all the way through- well done everyone!!!! Sunday we had a full day of karate gradings and it was a fantastic busy day. First up were our 4-7 year old white belts […]

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Kickboxing gradings

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 25th February 2020

Last weekend saw our alternate karate gradings on Saturday afternoon and what a great standard, particularly from the high grades!!! Sunday saw a full day of kickboxing gradings with a junior white belt section for the first time. This junior grading was still busy with 35 students ranging from 4-12 years old and they all […]

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Posted by chuldowknottingley on 16th February 2020

This isn’t going to be a long blog this week, but it’s an important one for us all. A young female celebrity committed suicide this week, another person who has been struggling and thought there was no way to continue. As she is a celebrity it has made the news and it is such a […]

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Positive mindset

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 11th February 2020

It’s so easy to have a negative mindset, even more so these days when we’re brought up to always be careful. Parents looking out for their kids by telling them not to do things in case they get hurt etc. Of course this is good parenting, but if we never try things out for ourselves, […]

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Why Kickboxing is great for Women

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 4th February 2020

I’ve done kickboxing for over 10 years now and I truly love it!!!! Here are a few reasons why, and also why so many women are turning to it!!! Fitness is something that sets you apart. It is a gateway to personal growth and soul searching. Kickboxing is a versatile martial art that teaches you […]

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Healthy Eating for you and your Children

Posted by chuldowknottingley on 27th January 2020

You may have made a New Years Resolution for yourself to eat more healthily.  I covered off on a previous Blog that you can just make small changes. Don’t follow fad diets as they are unlikely to last. Just build in good habits and change a few things.  Eat fruit instead of sugery snacks, cut […]

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