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Healthy Eating for you and your Children

You may have made a New Years Resolution for yourself to eat more healthily.  I covered off on a previous Blog that you can just make small changes. Don’t follow fad diets as they are unlikely to last. Just build in good habits and change a few things.  Eat fruit instead of sugery snacks, cut down on take aways / alcohol etc and don’t deny yourself anything.  Make sure you have treats, enjoy the foods that you love. Everything is ok in moderation.

But, whilst you may have thought about yourself, have you sat and thought about your childs diet recently? As with adults, all children are different.  They may not be overweight and be active wtih an “athletic” bodyshape, but their diet may still be poor.  A child with a poor diet may be susceptible to the after-effects of poor eating habits, including fatigue , anxiety, poor concentration and mood swings.  You can help your child feel a little better each day simply by adjusting their diet and getting rid of (or cutting down) snacks that are counter productive.


Here are a few healthy eating tips:-

  1. Get rid of the bad foods in your house, or only have a small amount.  Open your fridge and cupboards and get rid of the foods that you know are unhealthy for your children including fizzy drinks, snacks that are high in sugar, and foods that are high in fat.
  2. Create a healthy menu. Sit down with your child and create it together so they feel a part of this new lifestyle. Create a breakfast, lunch and snack time and allow them to choose.  Create at least 3 of each.  Being involved will help them be motivated and stick to it. Make it fun and do up an actual menu so it’s like a restaurant choice.  They can even come shopping with you or help with online shopping. If you are struggling, do some research online.
  3. Lead by example!!!  If your child sees you eating  healthily they will pick up your habits. Don’t contradict what you are trying to instill in them!!


Keep track of their tiredness / mood swings beforehand and make notes of any improvements that you see after the healthy eating has started.  Pointing out improvements will help them really see the benefits.


Last week at the academy we had week 2 of our fitness bootcamp which was a tough one but good fun!!! everyone is working so hard, keep up the great work.  We had a week of sparring inbetween lessons for our karate students which worked really well to get in some extra sparring practice.  We will be doing this again in the future and we also had our Marvel Training Camp Saturday Special. WOW what fun the kids had.

We have week 3 of our bootcamp this week.  It’s also our last week of unlimited training and free raffle so make sure you get in as often as possible this week.  There are still some great prizes to win.  Also it’s the final week of our family offer – £35 registration and 6 months half price tuition = make sure you or your child dont miss out on this fantastic offer.

Can’t wait to see you all in lessons this week.

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 Chuldow Martial Arts - Knottingley

6a The arcade
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