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Positive mindset

It’s so easy to have a negative mindset, even more so these days when we’re brought up to always be careful. Parents looking out for their kids by telling them not to do things in case they get hurt etc.

Of course this is good parenting, but if we never try things out for ourselves, learn from mistakes when we’re young, we struggle as we get older to have the courage to deal with new situations.

It’s easier to say to ourselves “ I can’t do that”, because we have an inbuilt fear from when we were young of failure. If we’ve not been allowed to try something out, then we’re not used to failing and as we get older  this is harder to overcome.

If we fail, what are people going to think of us? So it’s far easier not to push ourselves, try new things, set goals in our personal lives that are challenging. If we stick to what we are doing, then we’ll be safe.

But, this doesn’t help us achieve our true potential. When things go wrong, our natural negative mindset isn’t set up to deal with it correctly, and we just give up or, blame a situation or person for what’s gone wrong.

It is however easier than you think to change this mindset, but you need to keep going with it. Talk to yourself, what’s the worst that could happen? So what if you fail when trying something new? Just try again. When thing’s  go wrong, look for the positives. What can I learn from this? I might have failed but I tried, and actually you never fail, you always learn something about yourself and therefore you have succeeded in something!!!!!

Try again, or maybe it’s just not right for you, rethink and go again. Don’t blame others!! Use any hard times in your life as motivation to turn it around. Does it really matter what others think? If they’re negative people  they wont see the good in what you’re trying to achieve, they’ll not encourage you as they’ll only see the “dangers” of what could go wrong. Change your circle of friends for positive thinkers who will help you change your own mindset. Try new things, see the positive in any situation and you’ll be amazed how quickly your outlook on life can change and how much happier you can be!!!!

Last week at the academy we have the first week of grading assessments for kickboxing and week 4 of our fitness bootcamp.

This week we have week 2 of grading assessments in kickboxing, week 1 in karate, week 5 of our fitness bootcamp and our Nerf Fun Saturday Special. Eliminators of this week also but we don’t have anyone entering!!! Look at the next one snd if you have sparring kits have a go….wjat do you have to lose????

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 Chuldow Martial Arts - Knottingley

6a The arcade
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